I embrace the European tradition of coppicing/basket making which forges a relationship between the field crop producer and the hands of a maker to satisfy the demands of the customer.

As a complement to local food production, my baskets are grown for use in one’s home, to collect and transport objects, and to provide beauty and pleasure in everyday life. I utilize the natural palette of willow’s colors, textures, and smells in my basketwork to evokes nature’s beauty and divine quality. 

My learning to weave willow traces a path involving international projects, apprenticeships and workshops. I studied intensively in Lichtenfels, Germany at a basket school to develop an understanding of the techniques, the feeling of the material, and an appreciation of the natural properties of traditional willow basketry.

I use traditional European methods to fitch, slew, rand, wale, slath and twine the willow I grow on my farm. Round and oval shapes for utilitarian and decorative baskets are crafted without the use of a form. Taking natural cues from the material each basket has a unique charm and distinctive personality. Baskets shown on line are models which can be special ordered with a 4-6 week delivery  


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