A brief introduction to my current work involves sharing my central philosophy of growing what you can use to make-work from which to preserve the value of what you grow. Making and Living can sustain and enrich our life and in turn the environment which we share with others. 

My own interests in using natural materials which can be farmed locally was inspired through my human interests to work with and support agricultural artisans in Haiti, Jamaica and India. Learning to use your hands and simple tools to work with what grows locally is a very compelling and satisfying way of life. If only our economic models, value proposition and buying habits would embrace the values of truly made and grown.

My current work has been based in Ohio where I have planted and established a coppicing field of willows primarily for basket making an living willow structures. 

I studied last year in Germany with master basket weavers and at the school in Lichtenfels to train my hands on traditional techniques of making willow baskets and to get a feeling of how to work with willow materials.

My goal is to establish in our very rural and economically challenged region of southern Appalachia Ohio an outpost, learning center, and working farm to promote and develop the skills of growing, processing and making products based on the sustainable methods of coppicing crafts.