living and making

Farming willow and making baskets exemplifies the way I personally link an agrarian way of life with an artisanal handcraft. I use the willow I grow on our farm in Roseville, Ohio to make baskets and garden structures that serve as useful and purposeful objects in everyday life. 

My call to action “ Living and Making” is based on the connection between growing plant material and hand making a product in order to create an economic means to live. From the experience of growing, harvesting and processing living plant material for crafting objects, one develops an intimate appreciation of nature’s rhythms and the value of environmental stewardship.





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Making baskets and garden structures with willow preserves a tradition and places value on living by using one's hand to make-work. All pieces are made by local artist, Howard Peller.



Willow rods, sticks, or whips are cut and sorted each season to length and dried for two years to use in baskets, garden structures, and other woven products.